DVD 107 Min. IMDB
20th Century Fox (1987)
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Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Action
USA  /  English

R.G. Armstrong Gen. Phillips
Arnold Schwarzenegger Maj. Alan Schaefer
Elpidia Carrillo Anna
Richard Chaves Poncho
Bill Duke Mac
Kevin Peter Hall Predator
Sonny Landham Billy
Jesse Ventura Sgt. Blain
Carl Weathers Dillon
Shane Black Hawkins

Regisseur John McTiernan
Produzent John Davis; Lawrence Gordon
Autor Jim Thomas; John Thomas

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads a team of experienced military personnel deep into the jungle to rescue a group of kidnapped diplomats. Soon after landing in the jungle they discover that their team sponsor Dillon (Carl Weathers) lied to them and they were really brought in to illegally take out a group of rebel soldiers. While they are preparing to pull out they find a crashed helicopter with the pilots skinned alive and a scared rebel girl going on about the forest "eating" the men. Soon Dutch and his crew are in a fight for their lives again a strange alien presence that can blend into the woods, carries weaponry far beyond anything on earth, and has super-human strength. As the soldiers are picked off one-by-one it becomes an all-out battle for survival as Dutch takes on the Predator in the ultimate battle of man versus monster.

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Region Region 1
Anzahl Disks/Bänder 1
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