DVD 99 Min. IMDB
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Universal Studios (16.06.1960)
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Horror, Thriller
USA  /  English

Anthony Perkins Norman Bates
Frank Albertson
Janet Leigh Marion Crane
John Gavin Sam Loomis
John McIntire Sheriff Chambers
Martin Balsam Milton Arbogast
Pat Hitchcock
Simon Oakland Dr. Richmond
Vaughn Taylor George Lowery
Vera Miles
John Anderson Charlie
Lurene Tuttle Mrs. Chambers
Patricia Hitchcock Caroline

Regisseur Alfred Hitchcock
Produzent Alfred Hitchcock
Autor Robert Bloch; Joseph Stefano
Kamera/Fotographie John L. Russell
Komponist Bernard Herrmann

A suspense thriller, where a timid man, Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) tries to repair his life after an extended hospital visit. He meekly tries to revive his failing business and is surprised by the growing infatuation he has with one of his clients Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). Marion tries to use Norman to hide from her recent mistakes. The relationship between Marion and Norman begins to grow, and is then thwarted by the unusual appearances of Norman's mother, who had reportedly died years before in an incident in the Shower. As Norman tries to discover how and why his mother still lives people mysteriously begin to die.

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Barcode 3259190278318
Region Region 1
Erscheinungsdatum 03.02.2003
Bildformat 1.85:1
Untertitel Englisch; Niederländisch; Schwedisch
Tonspuren Deutsch Unknown
Englisch Unknown
Polnisch Unknown
Anzahl Disks/Bänder 1