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USA  /  English

Jim Carrey|Ed Harris
Patrick McGoohan
Peter Madden

Regisseur Peter Weir; Don Chaffey; Michael Truman
Autor Jan Read; David Stone

They've Given You A Number And Taken 'Way Your Name

Before masterminding and starring in The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan had already become famous on both sides of the Atlantic playing John Drake in Secret Agent (originally called Danger Man in the UK). A spy of a different stripe, Drake only used violence as a last resort, preferring to rely on his wits instead of his fists (and almost never drawing his gun).

The unforgettable adventures, exotic locations and distinctive style of Secret Agent shine like never before in this exclusive DVD set from A&E Home Video. Each episode of the rarely seen series has been digitally restored and is presented in its original U.S. broadcast order.

Eight Complete Black and White Episodes:
That's Two Of Us Sorry
Documents are stolen from a research lab in Scotland, but the fingerprints at the scene appear to belong to an agent who's been dead for twenty years. Drake's investigation turns up more surprises.

Such Men Are Dangerous
Drake poses as an ex-con in order to infiltrate a secret society that trains assassins. Once recruited, he discovers a far-right plot to eliminate "undesirable" rulers.

A Man To Be Trusted
A murder in the Caribbean gives Drake the opportunity to test the reliability of the local intelligence contact, the flamboyant Colonel Mora. Both missions are completed, but not without some difficulties.

The Affair At Castelevara
Drake is sent to a Latin American country where an old revolutionary has been sentenced to die. The Americans have a way to stop the execution, but Drake counters with a plan of his own.

Don't Nail Him Yet
Intelligence identifies a naval staffer as a potential spy, and Drake poses as a put-upon schoolteacher in order to win his trust and identity his accomplices.

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
It seems Drake must clear himself of gambling charges, and to do so he becomes involved in the goings-on of a surreal casino populated with a femme fatale, a mysterious doorman, and death - who's posing as an insurance salesman.

Have A Glass Of Wine
A woman with military secrets is blackmailed and heads to France, with Drake in hot pursuit. Once there, he must match wits with his Russian counterpart and a local spy who gets the jump on both of them.

You're Not In Any Trouble, Are You?
Posing as a crime writer in Italy, Drake infiltrates a murder-for-hire ring. But in order to topple it, he needs to find out more, so he puts out a hit on himself and waits to see who shows up!

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